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Kathy Sandler
6 min readNov 22, 2022

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Important Items

Former Anti-Abortion Leader Alleges Another Supreme Court Breach
Years before the leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, a landmark contraception ruling was disclosed, according to a minister who led a secretive effort to influence justices.

Mass shootings in 2022: U.S. sees more than 600 so

Not a single week in 2022 has passed without at least four mass shootings.


NBCUniversal Partners With Top Brands to Transact on New

RT @Adweek NBCUniversal is accelerating its push towards alternate currencies, announcing the creation of a new initiative called The Currency Council.

The FCC Is Forcing Internet Providers to Publish ‘Nutrition Labels’ Breaking Down
Providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Cox will have to display actual costs of service, including hidden fees, data caps, speed promises, and discount expiration.

TikTok launches e-commerce feature in app to compete with

The Chinese-owned platform began testing TikTok Shop. #TikTok

TikTok to sell books directly to users via marketplace

To further capitalize on the popularity of BookTok the social media giant will let users purchase titles through partnerships with publishers and retailers

TikTok Launches New Audience Insights Tools to Dig Into Your Audience

YouTube is bringing shopping features to Shorts as it chases

YouTube is testing affiliate marketing and in-app shopping features on its TikTok competitor, Shorts. TikTok began testing in-app purchases last week and has signaled it plans to move more into e-commerce, including building warehouses. #YouTube

Meta’s layoffs make it official: Facebook is ready to part ways with the

via @NiemanLab #Meta

Google To Pay $392 Million To Settle With State AGs Over Location Privacy

Via @MediaPost #Google

Apple sued for tracking users’ activity even when turned off in

A class action lawsuit has been filed over reports that Apple is collecting user data even when users have the data sharing settings turned off on their device. Via @mashable #Apple

The Places Where Twitter is Already
The people who know how to fix it? Many of them are gone.

For those switching from Twitter to Mastodon: Find Fediverse accounts of your Twitter followings

RT @luca Last weekend, I built It scans the accounts you follow on Twitter for fediverse handles and links. Those are then sorted by instance to make it easier for you to decide which instance to join and follow the accounts you already like. Can even be imported.

Post Social

Crossing my fingers that Post is a good social media site — I’m on the waitlist. If you’re interested, here is a referral link.


Via @profgalloway The U.S. healthcare industry is a wounded 7-ton seal, drifting aimlessly, bleeding into the sea. Predators are circling. The blood in the water is unearned margin: price increases, relative to inflation, without a concomitant improvement in quality. Amazon is the lurking megalodon, its 11-foot jaws and 7-inch teeth the largest in history. With the acquisition of One Medical, Amazon is no longer circling … but attacking.

Publishing & Media

Amazon’s Devices Division Said to Lose $5 Billion A

HT @PublishersLunch #Amazon

Amazon Makes Cuts to Its Book Group

MT @ThadMcIlroy “The latest news is likely to add more fuel to the feeling within publishing that Amazon is losing interest in its book business.” #Amazon

Amazon’s mistake in gutting devices and R&D

By @tcarmody #Amazon

Barnes & Noble Coming Back To Upper East Side, 2 Years After

Such great news! B&N opening at 87th & 3rd (after the previous UES location on 86th was closed 2 years ago). “The new Barnes & Noble will be at 1556 Third Ave., on the corner of East 87th Street, occupying a storefront previously home to Duane Reade. It will open in the spring of 2023, the company said. At roughly 8,000 square feet, it will be a fraction of the size of Barnes & Noble’s previous 55,000-square-foot, two-level store.”

BookTok’s Racial Bias

MT @eiffeltyler You’ve heard about the power of BookTok to sell books (Colleen Hoover outsold THE BIBLE this year!) — but that success seems to primarily be happening for white women. For @TheCut, I spoke to BookTokkers, authors and booksellers about BookTok’s blindspots. #BookTok

Book Publishing Startups in the U.S. 2022

A new report charts how more than 1,300 ventures have performed over the past 15 years. Via @ThadMcIlroy

The 100 Must-Read Books of

Gripping novels, transporting short stories and poetry, revealing memoirs, and timely histories that asked us to look deeper. Via @TIME #BestBooks

The Struggle to Unearth the World’s First

RT @NewYorker The priestess Enheduanna is thought to mark the beginning of authorship, rhetoric, and even autobiography. She lived 1,500 years before Homer, 1,700 years before Sappho, and 2,000 years before Aristotle.

Controversial books to stay in Spruce Mountain High School library

MT @UABookBans Maine residents spoke out to successfully #UniteAgainstBookBans! Empower your own community to raise their voices in support of the freedom to read by sharing the talking points in our Action Toolkit:

Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch says print ad revenue, which made up two-thirds of revenue six or seven years ago, will be below 10% in the next five years

HT @mediagazer

Hearst And Michael Clinton Launch Digital Content Platform For 50+ Audience

Resources & Opportunities

Disability in Publishing Startup Costs

MT @DisabilityinPub We’re excited to announce a #GivingTuesday auction that will raise money towards kickstarting next year’s programming! There’s a roster of wonderful agents offering items, please spread the word and check out what we’ve got. Bidding starts 11/28!!

BINC Fundraiser

MT @BincFoundation Binc is kicking off its year-end fundraising campaign, Read Love Support (#readlovesupport) with a matching gift of up to $15,000 from @penguinrandom, and a campaign goal of $100,000 or more in donations before December 31, 2022. #ThinkBinc #teamPRH



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