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The successful 10th test of SpinLaunch’s suborbital accelerator included a NASA sensor and other partner payloads.

Meta AI predicts shape of 600 million

When London-based AI company DeepMind unveiled predicted structures for some 220 million proteins earlier this year, the trove covered nearly every protein from known organisms in DNA databases. Now, another tech giant is filling in the ‘dark matter’ of the protein universe. Researchers at Meta used AI to predict the structures of some 600 million proteins from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that haven’t been characterized.
Google announced today a small update to Gmail that will allow users to track their upcoming package deliveries directly from their inbox.

The Supply Chain Broke. Robots Are Supposed to Help Fix
The companies behind e-commerce are embracing automation as the means of transcending the limitations of humans.


DeviantArt provides a way for artists to opt out of AI art
DeviantArt is introducing a way for artists to exclude their work from AI training sets. It’s also launching its own generative art tool.

How Realistic AI Image Generators Are Filtering Into Creative

RT @Adweek A series of partnerships have begun to integrate machine-learning-powered image generation technology into software and online platforms on which designers rely.

Instagram Lets Users Schedule Posts & Reels In The
Instagram is rolling out the ability to schedule posts and reels in the mobile app up to 75 days in advance.

How TikTok scrutinizes and scores the creators on its shopping

Tiktok rolled out a ranking platform meant to score metrics like “diligence” and “enthusiasm” and “cooperability” among its commerce creators.

Google Play to pilot third-party billing in new markets, including US; Bumble joins Spotify as early

How Reddit defied the crypto winter and created a $10 million market for customizable avatars — just don’t call them
The social media platform onboarded 3 million crypto wallets. Is it sustainable?

Netflix Explores Investing in Sports Leagues, Bidding on Streaming

Netflix is looking at buying smaller sports leagues, such as tennis and surfing; Co-CEO Reed Hastings has been wary of rising costs for rights

The Most Vulnerable Place on the
Underwater cables keep the internet online. When they congregate in one place, things get tricky.

Meta deserves a bit of a discount off of its recent highs, but a number of myths about its business have caused the market to over-react.

“Amazon has essentially given up on effectively surfacing the best products to customers in an organic fashion, and has outsourced that key function to advertisers.”

Publishing & Media

CLPE Survey of Ethnic Representation within UK Children’s Literature 2017–

MT @clpe1 Our #ReflectingRealities report is an insight into minority representation in children’s literature 2017–2021. There are both significant growth & glaring gaps, which we’ll continue to highlight in our pursuit of the authentic portrayal of children in books

Why Read a Book When You Can Ban It Instead? Inside Florida’s Clay County School

RT @BookRiot There are “nearly 2,000 books on a list that the president of the Florida chapter of No Left Turn in Education claims to have that are inappropriate and he will be challenging in the district.”

Forbes says it is in advanced talks to sell itself to a group of investors; sources: it had been seeking $800M, but the final price will likely be lower

Almost half say access to local news has decreased in the past decade, PressReader reports.

Resources & Opportunities
Pinterest and Headspace are offering free mental health resources to content creators to help them find the joy that “gets separated because of burnout.”

Editors, authors, artists, bookstores, agents donated critiques, dummy reviews, 1-on-1 mentoring, illustrations, merch. The Twitter best bids auction will be Wednesday, 11/16, and closes 9 am Thursday 11/17. Go to @helloomabel’s Twitter account at that time.

MT @diversebooks Authors, illustrators, publishing pros: next month we’re launching our fundraising campaign for #BooksSaveLives, our new initiative to fight back against book banning and soft censorship! Please consider donating an item to our auction for the cause.

Are you a new member of @WMG_NYC? If you’ve joined WMG between November 2021 and now, join us next Tuesday, 11/15 at 12:30pm ET for a FREE, virtual New Member Social!

Financial Stability as a Literary

MT @CenCom Registration for our 6th annual Women + Media Career Summit is open! This event is designed to help students & recent grads break into the media industry & be successful in their early careers through keynotes, panels, & skill workshops.

MT @book_tokens Booklovers, your favourite game is back! Guess all 20 books in the #HiddenBooksGame and you could win a £500/€500 National Book Token to spend in your local UK bookshop (the best gift ever, in our opinion).



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