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10 min readOct 31, 2022

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Important Items

The Fight for Abortion Rights Is a Battle Over

Justice Samuel Alito says the right to abortion was unknown in US law until “the latter part of the 20th century.” History says otherwise. The Supreme Court is meant to interpret the nation’s laws, not distort its past.

School shootings are already at a record in 2022 — with months still to go

MT @ConversationUS As of Oct. 24, there have been 257 shootings on school campuses — passing the 250 total for all of 2021, a year that set sad records.


Innovate Your Innovation: Alex Osterwalder

RT @davidschonthal You only transform and grow if you’re fearless and experiment’ — advice for getting out of the innovation rut, from @AlexOsterwalder

bleeding edge

bleeding edge is a feed of noteworthy developments in AI. #AI


Salesforce To Integrate With TikTok And New NFT Platform

Salesforce NFT Cloud, a new non-fungible token marketplace, will allow users to mint, manage, and sell NFTs, and is a no-code platform. It will exclusively support transactions on more energy-efficient blockchains.

Twitter’s latest experiment allows users to display NFT marketplace

The company is currently testing the feature with select users across iOS and the web.

Race to the Bottom as NFT Marketplaces Refuse to Pay Artist Royalties

The surge of small NFT marketplaces that refuse to honor the resale royalty setting on non-fungible token-based art has forced the bigger platforms to follow suit. #NFTroyalties

L’Oréal Teams With Meta to Launch Metaverse Startup

MT @Adweek The Paris-based program will take place over the course of 6 months and will offer access to Meta’s AI research and Reality Labs teams as well as experts and guidance from within L’Oréal.

The Bizarre Duality of Meta’s New Quest Pro VR Headset: The new device is more technologically advanced than ever. It still doesn’t make a great case for

ICYMI The virtual and mixed reality device is a reminder that “something could be mind-numbingly cool and still not have a place in real life; that Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse vision is worth paying attention to, while also being premature.” #VR

Netflix plans to grow its number of games to roughly 50 by the end of the year

Netflix believes games are the future, but after Google bowed out of the medium, should developers be wary? #gaming

Paying to ‘boost’ a social post is now an in-app purchase on iOS. The change marks first time Apple takes cut of social ad revenue.

Meta Platforms Inc. criticized Apple Inc. for changing its App Store terms to take a portion of social-media advertising revenue, saying the iPhone maker was “undercutting others in the digital economy.” #Apple

Key learnings from the first self-serve advertising conference

MT @DCNorg Self-serve is a revenue model whereby the publisher sells their own inventory directly to the advertiser via an automated marketplace or campaign manager, similar to how Facebook sells its inventory.

Amazon launches home insurance comparison website in Britain Inc is launching a home insurance portal in Britain and has signed up three big-name insurers as it pushes further into financial services across the globe. #Amazon

Amazon’s attrition costs $8 billion annually according to leaked documents. And it gets worse.
Amazon churns through workers at an astonishing rate, well above industry averages.

How TikTok swept the

ICYMI You don’t tell TikTok what you want to see. It tells you. And the internet can’t get enough.

TikTok will use your data to fuel its multibillion-dollar shopping mall — — whether you know it or

MT @IEthics “Thanks to the glut of #data collected on users while they use #TikTok and when they leave to check out other sites, the company claims it can gauge whether you’re likely to buy just about anything, from a tube of mascara to a new house” #ethics #privacy

TikTok Parent ByteDance Planned To Use TikTok To Monitor The Physical Location Of Specific American
The project, assigned to a Beijing-led team, would have involved accessing location data from some U.S. users’ devices without their knowledge or consent.

A China-Based ByteDance Team Investigated TikTok’s Global Security Chief, Who Oversaw U.S. Data Concerns

A China-based ByteDance team led multiple investigations and audits into TikTok’s now-former Global Chief Security Officer, who had been responsible for overseeing efforts to minimize China-based employees’ access to American user data.

Removing pictures of an artist’s work from a dataset wouldn’t stop Stable Diffusion from generating images in that artist’s style, as AI model already been

In just months, millions of people have flocked to text-to-image AI systems and they are already being used to create experimental films, magazine covers and images to illustrate news stories. An image generated with an AI system called Midjourney recently won an art competition at the Colorado State Fair, and caused an uproar among artists. #AI

A Coming-Out Party for Generative A.I., Silicon Valley’s New Craze

ICYMI A celebration for Stability AI, the start-up behind the controversial Stable Diffusion image generator, represents the arrival of a new A.I. boom.

Adobe steals your color

Since Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop went to a subscription model, as of November, you will need to pay $21/month for Pantone colors. If you open an old Photoshop file with a Pantone color and you don’t have a subscription, that color will be black. Via @doctorow.

Twitter takeover: fears raised over disinformation and hate speech

EU commissioner says Elon Musk’s platform must ‘fly by our rules’ as UK minister raises concerns over content moderation. #Twitter

Use of N-word on Twitter jumped by almost 500% after Elon Musk’s takeover as trolls test limits on free speech, report says
Accounts using racist language sent more tweets following the takeover and called on others to do so as well, The Washington Post reported.

Everything we know so far about Jack Dorsey’s brand new app

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social app is now accepting users for beta testing, and says it will launch soon. #TwitterAlternative

India Hits Google With $113 Million Fine for Forcing Apps to Use Google Payments

Facebook’s parent is fined nearly $25M for violating a campaign finance disclosure law
The penalty issued by a Washington state judge was the maximum allowed for more than 800 violations of the state’s Fair Campaign Practices Act.

Publishing & Media

Book prices set to rise as production costs soar, say UK publishers

Firms aim to minimize rises by using cheaper paper and increasing print runs as raw material and energy cost hikes hit sector.

Toni Morrison will finally be on a U.S. stamp in

This week, the United States Postal Service announced their 2023 slate of stamps, including new forever stamps honoring literary legends Toni Morrison and Ernest J. Gaines.

Open Letter Condemns Amy Coney Barrett Book Deal
An open letter protesting the acquisition of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s forthcoming memoir by Penguin Random House, first reported in 2021, has begun circulating in publishing circles.

Haruki Murakami: Where My Characters Come

“As I write, a kind of axis forms that makes possible the appearance of certain characters, and I go ahead and fit one detail after another into place, like iron scraps attaching to a magnet.” @harukimurakami_ on how he creates characters

Why This Poet Declared War on Her Own

HT @publishingtrend Who owns a story in translation?

Students in Japan find paper books easier to read than e-books

A survey of the preferred reading material among students in Japan has revealed paper books to be the clear winner, The Japan News reported.

The View from Kobo

HT @38enso “one in four books that we sell in English is a self-published title.”

Creating automated book indexes in the age of

A good index at the back of a book is marvelous thing: an organized tree of concepts, mapped painstakingly to page numbers by a thoughtful human. How do we create good indexes in ebooks, where page numbers don’t even exist?

The Rise of NFT Books — Part 2


A Visit to the Banned-Book Bus With a Scholar Who Helped Develop Critical Race

RT @jonfreadom “This is the biggest assault on freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of teaching since the 1950s, since the McCarthy period” #EdScare #FreeTheBooks

Spotify Wants to Get Into Audiobooks but Says Apple Is in the Way
Apple has rejected Spotify’s new app three times from its App Store. It is the latest in a series of confrontations between the two companies.

Spotify’s Podcaster Contracts Illuminate the Company’s Ad

RT @simonowens Spotify is building out its own YouTube-like programmatic ad system that podcasters can opt into. It’s splitting revenue with those podcasters 50/50.

FORCE11 and COPE release recommendations on data publishing ethics for researchers, publishers, and editors

How Time magazine made more than $100 million with docuseries for Netflix, Amazon, and more by mining its 100-year-old

The legacy news outlet’s in-house film and TV studio has sold dozens of projects to the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and HBO, and is now making a big push into fictional storytelling. Time Studios is now its parent brand’s biggest revenue driver, generating more than $100 million, or 25% of Time’s revenue.

Brutal winter coming for U.S. media with layoffs and cost cuts
The new economic reality means layoffs, hiring freezes, and other cost-cutting measures.

Resources & Opportunities

Using the Power of TikTok to Promote Books

Join @miralsattar for a look at #BookTok creators! 11/2 6pm ET. FREE for @WMG_NYC members, $15 for non-members.

Win Your Registry Sweepstakes

Win up to 25 books off your registry.

Indie Bookstore Finder

MT @indiebound Books make the best gifts. Today is the perfect day to visit your bookstore, in-person or online, and pick up a gift for your reader friends. Use our searchable map of indie bookstores to find one near you!

2022 National Book Awards Finalist Reading

11/15 event free for streaming. Hosted by Saraciea J. Fennell (@Sj_Fennell), writer and founder of @bronxisreading!

Roxane Gay Books Unagented Submissions

MT @rgay I’ve re-opened to unagented submissions for Roxane Gay Books for a few days. You can read the guidelines and submit here.

The Mary Sue Is Hiring an Editor in Chief!

James Patterson’s Holiday Bonuses for Booksellers

RT @ABAbook Don’t forget to nominate someone (or many someones) for a holiday bonus this year! Author @JP_Books has generously revived his Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program, and you can nominate yourself or another bookseller by November 16

London Book Fair opens for seminar

It’s asking for ‘knowledge-led seminar suggestions which explore key book trends or publishing themes from a new and innovative perspective’

ABPA Supply Chain Issues and

11/15 at 1pm ET. $15 for non-members.

Media Literacy Toolkit — PEN America

MT @PENamerica Because the spread of #disinformation threatens the very fabric of our democracy, PEN America has created a Media Literacy Toolkit with 5 simple tips to help you identify and prevent the spread of false and misleading information.

Step-by-step guide on how to create a voting

MT @NBCLX The 2022 #MidtermElections are right around the corner! Did you…

🗳 Register to vote?

🔍 Research who’s on your ballot?

💬 Tell your friends to go out and vote?

🧵 Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a voting plan.



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