Technology • Innovation • Publishing — Issue #203

Important Items

Artists Unite For Reproductive Rights

Pregnant Women Can’t Get Divorced in Missouri

The Fringe Legal Theory Heading to the U.S. Supreme Court

What to Know About the New Mental Health Crisis Hotline


Shopify “Reset button” for your room

Purpose Driven Tokens: Solving the world’s problems with crypto — 6 leading examples and lessons learned

The Future of the Internet

Is Hollywood ready for the 3-D internet? What ‘Metaverse’ author Matthew Ball says

Meta open sources early-stage AI translation tool that works across 200 languages


Spotify is acquiring Heardle, a music recognition trivia game played by millions

YouTube TV has surpassed 5M paying + free trial subscribers, bringing it to the top of the list compared to other virtual rivals like Hulu + Live TV

How to easily turn all your articles into audio articles

Publishing & Media

Finding a Place for Disability in Publishing
Too much work, too little money, and career decisions made in response to health care precarity: this is the reality of people with disabilities in book publishing.

‘Is That Ableist?’ Good Question.

The book ban movement has a chilling new tactic: harass teachers on social media

What’s Happening With The Vinton Public Library

NYC library: Youths read banned books online free

KKR’s barely noticed RBMedia-BookBeat deal has broader meaning for the global audiobook markets

The Information launching social network for subscribers
“I think it’s clear networking on the internet is a mess.”

Morning Brew Tops $36 Million First-Half Revenue and Launches Its 10th Newsletter

BBC Posts Record Income of $6.4 Billion, Welcomes ‘Informed Debate’ on Future Funding Model

The Atlantic Digitizes Its 165-Year-Old Archive, Unlocking Potential IP

Harper’s Bazaar Italy Launches Print Edition

Wake Up And Smell The Bacon! Oscar Mayer Launches Scratch-And-Sniff Ads

Hearst’s House Beautiful Podcast Explores Haunted Houses

Gymshark’s Move Into the Barbershop Business Is Surprising, but Important

Analysis of @nytimes recent investor deck

The Rise of the Large Regional Newspaper Barons

In West Africa and Beyond, Mali’s Famed Manuscripts Are Put to Use

Resources & Opportunities

Using the Power of TikTok to Promote Books

Panels, Pages, and Polyglots: The Rise of Bilingualism in Comics

Pitch Tweaked by a #PitBLK Pro

#PitchMe Twitter Pitch coming in September

Publishing Contests

Disability in Publishing — Virtual Town Hall Launch Event

Call for Proposals for PageBreak Conf.

In-Home COVID vaccination



Sr Mgr, Content Applications, Penguin Random House * Innovation * Technology * Publishing * Opinions expressed are my own

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Kathy Sandler

Kathy Sandler

Sr Mgr, Content Applications, Penguin Random House * Innovation * Technology * Publishing * Opinions expressed are my own