Technology • Innovation • Publishing — Issue #202


How the technology behind ‘Fortnite’ is being used to design IRL buildings
Real-time visualizations are making their way into the design process, thanks to video game technology.

FCC authorizes SpaceX to provide mobile Starlink internet service to boats, planes and trucks
The FCC authorized SpaceX to provide Starlink satellite internet to vehicles in motion, a key step for Elon Musk’s company to further expand the service.


China doubles down on domestic operating systems to cut reliance on Windows, MacOS from the US

Hacker Offers to Sell Chinese Police Database in Potential Breach

What Chinese media reveals about Shein’s secretive operations

Biden’s Executive Order on abortion shores up data privacy rules

Google will auto-delete abortion clinic visits from user location history

TikTok dropped plans to expand its e-commerce effort in Europe and the US, after its UK foray into shopping struggled

TikTok responds to data privacy concerns raised by Republican senators

Publishing & Media

HarperCollins Union Votes to Authorize a Strike

How BookTok Is Affecting Traditional Publishers

Tracking Banned Books

A Visual Tour of 35 Literary Bars and Cafés from Around the World

Publishers, Booksellers Cheer Europe’s Digital Markets Act

Marcus Rashford Book Club to give away 50,000 books this summer
Initiative led by the footballer will distribute copies of his own children’s adventure book to young readers with little access to reading

IBT Media sues Newsweek CEO, demanding that he return the magazine

How to continue growing subscribers post-pandemic: Publisher strategies

Supply chain blues: Publishers share insights and a few tips amid supply chain woes

“Publishers who succeed the most have a culture of test and learn”

‘There is a model out there that works’: America’s grassroots local news renaissance

Howard University will host a new Disney Storytellers Fund, which will “create opportunities” for students in media.

Resources & Opportunities

Register for nErD Camp 2022 HERE!!

Book The Vote — Writers for Democratic Action
A national drive bringing together readers, writers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians to register voters in advance of the 2022 elections



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Kathy Sandler

Kathy Sandler

Sr Mgr, Content Applications, Penguin Random House * Innovation * Technology * Publishing * Opinions expressed are my own