Technology • Innovation • Publishing — Issue #201


Is your business ready for the Metaverse?

Important Issues

Supreme Court to review state legislatures’ power in federal elections

Some Rheumatic Disease Patients are Having Difficulty Accessing Methotrexate

Some Texas schools may call slavery ‘involuntary relocation’

Supreme Court Puts Brakes on EPA in Far-Reaching Decision

Supreme Court says police can’t be sued for not reading out Miranda rights


Spotify Is Bringing Its Freemium Model to Audiobooks

Snap debuts Snapchat+ paid subscription for power users

Big Tech remains silent on questions about data privacy in a post-Roe US
We asked Meta, Twitter, Google, TikTok, and Reddit how they will moderate abortion content and handle subpoenas and warrants for data on people who seek or assist with abortions.

Instagram Blames “Bug” After Posts About Abortion Are Hidden
Instagram said a “bug” was causing content to be placed behind “sensitivity screens” after posts mentioning abortion were hidden.

Instagram and Facebook remove posts offering abortion pills

Protecting people’s privacy on health topics

Microsoft is removing emotion recognition features from its facial recognition tech

Google Expands Carbon Emissions Calculator for Gmail, Docs
Google is expanding an emissions calculator for business customers and ahead of a summit on sustainability.

FCC Commissioner Tells Google and Apple to Pull TikTok From Their App Stores
Commissioner Brendan Carr railed against the popular Chinese-owned social platform, alleging it was handing over U.S. citizen’s data to Beijing.

6 Accessibility Basics Cause 97% of Errors

  • Low contrast text,
  • Missing alternative text for images,
  • Empty links,
  • Missing form input labels,
  • Empty buttons,
  • Missing document language.

Cosmopolitan, PolitiFact Bring #AbortionFactCheckProject to Twitter

Publishing & Media

Cyberattack Prevents Macmillan From Shipping Its Books to Retailers

Authors are protesting Amazon’s e-book policy that allows users to read and return

Germany’s Bookwire Now Offers Artificial Narration for Audiobooks
Text-to-speech automated audiobook narration arrives at Bookwire, amid the company’s insistence on its respect for human narration.

The Conservative Women Radicalizing Amish Literature
A growing network of Christian writers is pushing past tradition to broach topics like depression and marital conflict.

Wisconsin school district dropped book on Japanese-American incarceration during WWII from curriculum, arguing that the story was ‘unbalanced’

Amazon staff demand ban of books calling transgender people mentally ill

10 Books on Abortion to Understand the Roe v. Wade Ruling
Nearly 50 years ago, the Supreme Court legalized abortion. Now that the court has overturned Roe v. Wade, here are 10 books that outline the history and the terms of the debate.

IPA’s Africa Publishing Innovation Fund Pivots to Accessibility in Fourth Year

New Research Explains the Content Entrepreneurs in Today’s Creator Economy

How Documentaries and Podcasts Are Working Together to Grow the Nonfiction Universe

Read It First: 14 New Adaptations Based on Books
A charming historical comedy, a thriller with an assassin on the run, a regency-era romance for anyone missing Bridgerton, and more.

Advertising Week, a Firm That Runs Trade Shows, Is Acquired by an Events-Holding Company

News Media Alliance and MPA — The Association of Magazine Media Have Merged, Now Known as News/Media Alliance

For print newspapers, one Florida retirement community is a better market than Atlanta, St. Louis, or Portland

Report Details Expansion of News Deserts Across the US

In France, YouTubers Deliver Political News to Young Audiences

Resources & Opportunities

Romance for Roe

#ReadAndVote: Eric Holder and the Fight to Save Democracy

Where Can I Run?

How To Directly Impact Democracy through working at the polls

Walter Grant Deadline Extended

A thread of paying speculative fiction submissions open in July for writers!

New Books — Latinx in Publishing

PageBreak Conference 2022



Sr Mgr, Content Applications, Penguin Random House * Innovation * Technology * Publishing * Opinions expressed are my own

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Kathy Sandler

Kathy Sandler

Sr Mgr, Content Applications, Penguin Random House * Innovation * Technology * Publishing * Opinions expressed are my own