Technology • Innovation • Publishing — Issue #195


Consider ROL (Return on Learning) rather than ROI

Google has added 24 new languages to Translate, many using ‘zero shot’ learning, where the model does not need to see an English translation to understand how to make its own.

Immersive view coming soon to Maps


Google Search may feel like magic, but the engine’s efficacy relies on hourly employees who work for a subcontractor.

The Enduring Afterlife of a Mass Shooting’s Livestream Online: Dozens of recordings of a 2019 massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, remain online, in a sobering reminder of the internet’s permanence.

Amazon is testing a service that uses its Flex drivers to deliver packages from mall-based retailers, expanding the variety of goods available for fast shipment

Digital blackmail and endless threats: scammy loan apps soar across India
Nearly half of the digital lending apps available in India between January and February 2021 were illegal, as per the central bank.

Microsoft hid Bing autofill in the US for politically sensitive Chinese names, affecting Windows search; Microsoft blames a technical error

How private equity gobbled up the US economy — and ruined life for everyone else

TikTok continue their push into commerce w a shopping bag icon in livestreams

Meta-owned WhatsApp Offers Pay Button in Brazil, India

WhatsApp ramps up revenue with global launch of Cloud API and soon, a paid tier for its Business App

Snapchat is working on Family Center, to let parents see who their teens are friends with and whom they are messaging; teens have the option to not participate

Marriott is introducing a media network with Yahoo that will use the hotel chain’s data on guests to deliver ads to their rooms via apps and TV screens

Axel Springer and Snap launch global partnership for digital journalism

Publishing & Media

Under pressure: the authors’ perspective

EPUB 3.3 now available for testing/feedback

A thread of articles about ebook accessibility

Low-content books (such as planners and notebooks) no longer require an ISBN in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

What are different book formats good at?

Barnes & Noble Being Sued by VA GOP lawmaker

PEN America Index of Educational Gag Orders

Educational Gag Orders In Your Community: A Tip Sheet for Changing the Conversation

Over 1,300 Children’s and YA Authors Condemn Book Banning

Teens fight book banning with their own banned book clubs

Books to bring us together: Jennifer Egan, Howard Jacobson, Monica Ali and more share their picks

Candle Media acquires digital publisher ATTN: for $150 million
The deal gives ATTN: capital and access to Candle’s portfolio companies and creator relationships.

Hearst, known for its legacy media properties, has been buying up business information and B2B data and software companies.

The Believer, bought by a marketing company, briefly hosted clickbait content. After a scandal ensued, it is now back with its first publisher, McSweeney’s

Scripps, Google Partner on Broadcast Journalism Initiative to help journalists with print news backgrounds transition into broadcast news careers

Resources & Opportunities

The Women’s Media Group Establishes New Annual Scholarship to Support Women in Media…”named in tribute” to myself and former Co-President Julie Blattberg

Read & Vote

Free at-home COVID-19 tests mailed to you

Free COVID rapid test kits in NYC to pick up



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Kathy Sandler

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